User description Marine Life is superb with lots of education fishes and pelagic fishes. Rich in delicate and hard corals, the bay is home to many species of reef fish such as octopus, big moray eel, Malabar grouper, crocodilefish, scorpionfish, catfish, stingray. Abu Dabbab 1 is a coral reef surrounded by an enormous coral garden on a sandy backside between 9 and 18 meters deep, but additionally by a number of pinnacles and a cave. You can admire an abundance of reef fish as well as butterflyfish, coachfish, glassfish, scorpion fish, but also turtle, barracuda and white tip shark. t is surrounded by a big reef where you'll discover a sandy plateau between 5 to 22 meters, leading to a drop-off.If your level allows you, you possibly can go to stunning caves at about 30 meters. At the north terraced plateau, you'll be able to see typically dolphins, barracudas or reef sharks passing by. The south plateau with its bigger coral blocks is house for many species as turtles, eagle rays, snappers and lots of more.A dive can be made on the south aspect of the reef, both a drift or from the moored dive boat. Alternatively the dive boat enters the lagoon by way of a slender channel in the reef and the divers make their method again by way of the channel and dive on the outside of the reef. There are additionally different nice dive websites such as the Dolphin Reef the place Dolphins can typically be spotted when scuba diving or when Snorkelling. A bit extra South there's the excellent wreck of the Salem Express but it's more simply reachable from Safaga. However it's quite deep, with the sea bottom at 50 meters and reserved to skilled divers.Unfortunately we additionally saw a information seating a strive diver on a coral mound earlier than swimming backwards to take their photograph. The poor beginner was struggling to remain on the coral and I’m certain the coral disliked it even more. The Oberoi House Reef is distinguished by its ecological range and delightful coral reef.This is pinnacle heaven, paired with sandy valleys and natural habitat to colourful reef fish. The dive here is concentrated on a large coral block within the lagoon, located behind the reef.The reef blocks are very stunning with all kinds of onerous and delicate corals and an enormous variety of marine life.There are three separate mooring points right here allowing 4 totally different dives depending on the course of the present, or a drift along the whole space.Place Shoab Sataya (Dolphin Reef)The extremely massive coral backyard neighbouring the reef consists of big brain corals and table corals. Part of this reef’s web site, halfway between Hurghada and El Gouna in an unprotected open space, is named the Dolphin House. The horse-shoe sheeped reef harbours several dive sites with Gota Shaab El Erg being one of the most in style. It features gorgeous hard coral, especially within the tunnel between the main reef and Gota Shaab El Erg.Shaab Maksur is a narrow however lengthy reef shaped with two plateaus in the northern and southern edges, east and west partitions provide a mild current as you possibly can drift all around the partitions with all of the magnificent reef formation. The southern plateau on a sandy backside between 14 and 25 meters partially covered with coral blocks, it is typically visited by morays swimming within the open water. Abu Galawa Soghayar has a fantastic coral backyard and a wreck of a personal crusing boat, sank in the eightieth and it´s full of soppy corals and populated with glass fish. For much more skilled divers, there's the Rosalie Moller Wreck laying on the depth of 50 meters. Hurghada is situated on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt and offers many exciting dive websites for beginners and very skilled divers.From here you possibly can be part of a liveaboard to the distinctive dive websites of the Straits of Gubal with the wreck graveyard of Abu Nuhas, cruising over to the fabled Thistlegorm, the Red Sea's most well-known wreck. The attempt dives going on at this website led to loads of amusement for us with one individual being led around by a dive guide holding their pillar valve, doing what might solely be described as doggy paddle through the water.