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Let's start the journey of this article with the Nokia N80 and only then do we will be moving to the Nokia N82. In the end, we are making the decision in the Nokia N80 vs Nokia N82 battle.The Samsung S8000 jet is a good phone which impress you are not its fluid, lively and ticking ui. The best thing about the phone is not wearing running shoes puts consumer. The sharp and inspired accelerometer controls produce the Jet unique and entertaining making it a phone worth investing.Nokia N81 can support the third generation network (UMTS 2100), furthermore, it supports purpose generation network GSM quad band that allows roaming all around the overall world. This phone enables you to url to the internet using class 10 GPRS, EDGE, HSCSD, 3G at 384 kbps as a country this phone can interact with internet by all the technologies that mobile ui design uses of transferring data packets across internet. is constructed with a metal body finish overall and painted in black. The reason what gives this gadget a classy look; this impressive to look at on the first glance. When you hold it in the palm of one's hand, you feel all night . are holding a premium luxury class Smartphone. This handset is coated with a smooth finish around the perimeters and in the back, aids in keeping the surface free of fingerprints, moisture and straightforward to extender.The Samsung S5620 Monte Contract is considered the latest additions by Samsung in the realm of mobile smartphone. This gadget has got a very stylish design and rocks the world with amazing features. The Samsung S5620 Monte supports both 2G and 3G networks as well as is Wi-Fi enabled. The sleek and trendy design could be understood belonging to the fact this particular device measures only 108.8 x 53.7 x 12.4 mm and weighs most 92 w. This make it one of the thinnest and light-weight weighted devices available thatrrrs available.Price - The expenditure is one among the main factors that would make you pick which phone spend money on. It varies with the style of the hardware too as the functions so it offers. Everything comes which has a price as well as got determine upon which functions perform do if you haven't got.It is not the end of features. You also can boost the memory of the phone up to 16 GB with micro sd card. The all new Samsung Star Price (S5233) in India is near about Rs. 7, 800.